We strive for perfection, which is why we use superior technology to provide the best customer experience possible. No detail is too small. This is why we have been rated as the best laundry and dry cleaning service in Kolkata.

Laundry King Kolkata

Dry Cleaning


Hydrocarbon what?

We boast of the most modern technology when it comes to Dry Cleaning in India. We now introduce to you Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning for the first time in Eastern India. It's healthier for the skin, does not leave a pungent smell after the wash and is environmental friendly.

Get your garments Dry Cleaned today to experience the difference.

Laundry King Kolkata



Tired of doing your own laundry? Do not have enough time for it? We guessed so!

Using our intelligent machines and state of the art, skin and environmental friendly chemicals, your clothes get improved longevity, smells great and feels immaculate.

So, try our Laundry service to experience the Finest Garment Care that your clothes deserve.

Laundry King Kolkata

Express Service


Running out of time? Got an urgent meeting? or a flight to catch?

Getting worried is the last thing you need to do. We pickup from early morning and deliver back as early as same day.

Try our Express Service today to get your clothes delivered to you the same day or the next day, so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Laundry King Kolkata

Ornamental Dry Cleaning

Your brother getting married and you're worried about your outfit?

We understand how precious your ornamental clothes are to you and that is why we bring to you, our Ornamental Dry Cleaning Service, tailored to make sure YOU look the BEST. Our expert team takes extra precaution and every inch of the fabric is passed through expert supervision. It is then dry cleaned under supervision and packed for the occasion.

The end result?: Immaculate garment that supports your personality

Laundry King Kolkata

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Let us roll the Red Carpet for you

We use advanced Carpet Cleaning Machines and Technology along with cleaning solvents that thoroughly deep cleans the Carpets, removes stains, bacteria, germs and other unwanted particles. Our technology is less abrasive, brings back brightness and makes your carpet softer than before. Book your Professional Carpet Cleaning slot today. 

Laundry King Kolkata


Open the windows and let the sunshine in!

From Comforters to Quilts, from Blankets to Cushion Covers and from Curtains to Carpets- while these items brighten our homes, they are collecting dust, food crumps and stains. We have trained fabric care professionals who can care for the Household items while maintaining the quality and appearance. 

So, breathe in the fresh air while we take care of the rest.

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