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Dry Cleaning vs Normal Laundry

Dry Cleaning vs Normal Laundry

Almost all of us have experienced shrinking, pilling or even post wash color fading, even after taking extra care to wash some of our favorite fabric. Dry cleaning is the answer to these problems. While the objective of both laundry and dry cleaning is to ensure the garments are cleaned and sanitized, dry cleaning has a list of additional perks. These include: –

  • Increases longevity of garments by up to ~50%

  • Does not use water, contributing to a greener environment and hence is more environment friendly

  • Reduces chances of fading colors

Laundry King is the largest laundry service provider in Eastern India with the most number of imported dry cleaning machines. In addition to our ability to service in volumes, we also used eco-friendly hydrocarbon-based solvents that do not leave a pungent smell on the garments.

While we address the subject of dry cleaning vs laundry, 2 myths that we need to address before that are: –

  • Too much dry cleaning is bad for your clothes- While we often use clothes multiple times before taking them for a wash, we often notice a yellow tinge on whites or a purple clothes turning maroon. This is ammonia, a chemical that is present in our sweat. Exposure to ammonia present in sweat over a long period of time, spoils fabric, even if it is worn once and left hanging for a long period of time. Dry cleaning regularly ensures the ammonia and other unwanted items that settle on them are removed and your clothes stay fresh and radiant always.

  • Home wash is safer than dry wash- How often have you seen your machine water turn crimson after giving a new shirt or dress to be washed for the first time? Laundry wash, no matter how delicate always leaves a chance for new fabric color fading. Dry cleaning solvent is lighter than water, and goes through the fabric of your clothes more delicately than traditional laundry.

In addition to this, we at Laundry King are the only service in eastern India that uses hydrocarbon-based solvents for dry cleaning. How is this better than traditional dry cleaning? Hydrcarbon based solvents are eco-friendly, skin-friendly, does not leave abrasions, neither has a pungent after-smell.

We also have a specialized team who service ornamental clothes worn at weddings. Keeping the quality of solvents and technology used the same; we take each unit of fabric, one at a time. Each and every ornament is carefully soaked in solvents and polished by hand, ensuring efficient cleaning without the fear of damaging the garment.

What’s more? If you don’t want the hassle of stuffing your elaborate Indian wear into tiny suitcases and having to iron them again at the wedding venue, we can deliver your freshly steamed gowns and lehengas directly to the venue.