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Dry Cleaning

Hydrocarbon what?

In addition to using imported dry cleaning machinery to ensure every garment is cleaned close to perfection, Laundry King is the only brand in East India to use hydrocarbon based solvents for dry cleaning. How does that make us unique?

  1. Eco-friendly solvents that are non-toxic increase longevity of the garments
  2. Does not leave a pungent smell after wash
  3. Healthier for skin and does not cause any rashes or irritation due to usage of chemicals
  4. Reduced abrasion which in turn reduces color fading
  5. More effective in removing greasiness and stains


Tired of doing your own laundry? Do not have enough time for it? We guessed so!

At Laundry King, we use advanced technologies in ensuring our customers get the best quality laundry services in the country. From using treated water procured from our RO plant to cleaning in imported industrial machines that care for the garments to ironing each garment through a 5 stage process where a separate device is used to iron each part of a garment, we do it all. In addition to this, we use high grade solvents from Diversey® to ensure every garment stays immaculate, smell great and improves longevity.

Express Service

Running out of time? Got an urgent meeting? or a flight to catch?

Getting worried is the last thing you need to do. We pickup from early morning and deliver back as early as same day.

Try our Express Service today to get your clothes delivered to you the same day or the next day, so that you can get back to doing what you love.

Ornamental Dry Cleaning

Your brother getting married and you’re worried about your outfit?

Wedding attires are gorgeous, elegant and off course, expensive. So, if your attire is one of a kind, what stops you from ensuring its cleaning is one of a kind? Introducing ornamental dry cleaning by Laundry King®. This service has all the features unique to our dry cleaning, but is done by professionals with years of expertise. Each unit of fabric and every ornament is carefully soaked in solvents and polished by hand, ensuring efficient cleaning without the fear of damaging the garment.

What’s more? If you don’t want the hassle of stuffing your elaborate Indian wear into tiny suitcases and having to iron them again at the wedding venue, we can deliver your freshly steamed gowns and lehengas directly to the venue.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Let us roll the Red Carpet for you

We use the best-in-class German machinery for our professional carpet cleaning. Our deep cleaning process ensures that every fiber of the carpet is thoroughly cleaned, de-odorized, and deeply embedded stains are removed instead of superficial vanilla cleaning adopted by others.

We ensure that the process is less abrasive so that you can preserve your precious carpets for years to come, without any risk of damage.


Open the windows and let the sunshine in!

From comforters to curtains, from bedsheets to cushion covers- while these items brighten our homes, they end up collecting dust, food crumbs and stains. We have trained fabric care professionals who can care for these specialty fabrics, while maintaining the quality and appearance. 

So, breathe in the fresh air while we take care of the rest

Upholstery Cleaning

Let us roll the Red Carpet for you

Upholstery is the fabric that covers furniture. While upholstery is something our skin comes in contact with everyday, we rarely end up cleaning it, due to the complications involved in doing so. At Laundry King, our expert team does an analysis of your furniture upholstery, carefully examining the materials and looking out for wear, tear, stain and damages. This is followed by vacuuming, rinsing, vacuum drying. We also use a process called “hot water extraction”, popularly known as steam cleaning.

Shoe Cleaning

Professional Shoe Cleaning

We pride ourselves in being the first and only professional shoe cleaning service provider in Kolkata. We understand that your shoes are an investment, both financial and emotional, hence we leave no stone unturned to deliver immaculate results, while keeping it efficient yet affordable.

Each pair goes through an intensive inspection process to determine the unique cleaning it needs, based on the material, condition, shoe type, stain type and color. Then follows a rigorous yet delicate deep cleaning of every single part from outsole to insole, from laces to accessories. While drying is a slow process, it is important to allocate the time and effort in order to not only retain the shape but also increase longevity.

Once processed, your shoes are delivered in a dedicated, reusable shoe cover. Our shoe cleaning service, like our every other service comes with complimentary doorstep Pickup and Delivery.

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Laundry service for your business!

Commercial Laundry

Large corporations have determined that there is a financial benefit to outsourcing back office work because it saves money. Allowing us to do your laundry is cost effective and will allow you and your employees to focus on your core business. We offer smart solutions to meet your commercial laundry needs. Our Commercial Laundry Clients include:

  • Salons & Spas
  • Restaurants and Caterers
  • Religious Organizations
  • Daycare centers
  • Assisted Living / Nursing Homes
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Nail Salons
  • Athletic Facilities / Gyms
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